Software engineering

Requirements management

We offer definition of requirements and requirements management, we ensure accountability of changes and corelation.

info123 introduces techniques of requirements management, definition of requirements and requirements engineering, which is the principle of success in IT projects.

We eliminate unoptimal definition of requirements and requirements management, we cut down in costs and time-consuming projects.

Owning to the effective considering business in all its bearings, we diminish failure probability.

We assist our customers with using the proven procedures and software in definition of requirements and requirements management. The solutions we offer bring the measurable savings by:

  • reducing the number of mistakes and corrections and hastening the product introduction,
  • increasing the productivity of work by facilitated and better controlled information exchange among all the stakeholders,
  • proving the conformity of rules and standards owning to the full transparency of requirements and their origin.

Change, configuration and software release management

We improve execution of software projects and supervision of projects in all their stages.

Change, configuration and software release management solutions, recommended by us, support:

  • quality and high productivity of work,
  • effective cooperation within the scattered sets,
  • automation of software build processes,
  • high quality software provided fast owning to the transparent projects organization,
  • possibility of tracking various sides of the software project in its all stages.

We introduce the advanced mechanisms of version control, working-environment management and support for the simultaneously conducted programming works.

Our customers can follow the discovery of defects and changes, automation of processes, reporting and all stages of software project.

Software tools

Designing, modelling, programming and providing the excellent software and systems.

Our customers use only best software tools, open solution mostly.

Choosing the proper tools leads us and our customers to the successful projects. We recommend the integration of the new and already used software tools and solutions.

Owning to automation and repeatedly used the same components, we provide software operationally and deftly.

We boost work productivity in the whole life cycle solutions.

Software testing and quality management

Software quality assurance from the creating to the final stages

Introducing the proper tools makes the software testing and quality management trouble-free.

Team work should be improved so that it assures the high quality on every stage of the software project - from requirement definition, programing, software quality assurance, safety and compatibility with rules and regulations up to implementation.