• Aladin 2 Complete Kit
  • Wireless 8-channel follow focus designed to work on the 3D rig, and much more.
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Aladin 2 Complete Kit

Set inludes

Hand unit
  • Transceiver (AL2-T400) with antenna (FANT)
  • Focus/irsis module (AL2-FI)
  • Zoom module (AL-Z)
  • 2 x Battery (AL-BAT)
  • Charger (AL-CH)
Motor controller
  • Receiver/controller Aladin MKII (AL2-MCU8-401) with antenna (FANTR)
  • Extension module (AL2-EXT-BASE)
  • Connection Cable (AL2-INTF)
  • Module for connecting digital and analog manipulators F+Z (AL2-EXT-HK)
  • Cables standard Canon to connect manipulators F+Z (INT-HKC-F + INT-HKC-Z)
  • Fujinon standard cable to connect manipulators F+Z (INT-HKF-F + INT-HKF-Z)
  • Module for broadcast connection (VTR, Talkback Switching, FIZ Follow, Read Out) through Camera Lens Interface
  • Hirose cable12 pin (AL2-INTF-LP)
  • Start/stop cable for RED cameras - BNC (Al2-COFEBNC)
  • Start/stop cable for Arri cameras - 11-pin Fischer (Al2-COFA)
  • 15/19mm rod mounting bracket (MN-RMB1 + 401-49-RAIL)
  • 6 x Heden Servo (M26VE)
  • 3 x Servo cable 100cm (AMOTD100)
  • 3 x Servo cable 60cm (AMOTD60)
Power cables
  • D-Tap (AB-AL2)
  • XLR4 (XLR4-AL2)
  • Stedicam 12V 2pin Lemo (STM-AL2)
  • Stedicam 24V 3pin Lemo (STU-AL2)
  • PRO/Artemis system 12V 4pin lemo (PRO-AL2)